Realistically, many people search online first and then in print afterwards. It’s faster and more convenient.

With respect to the value of websites and whether a website warrants the cost, that depends on what you need and what you’re being charged.
If you need all the bells and whistles with an online database and interactivity, it’s going to cost you more than a few pages with contact details and an outline of what your business is about.

Those without the skills to set up or maintain a website are better off doing what they do best (which generates income) and paying someone else to do it.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask for samples of what the designer has done before. Aiming for a site that takes minimum time to maintain once it is established makes for better value. Also, establish what the annual costs are and what might be more regular costs, such as domain name registration (the web address), web hosting payments (where the site is housed) and web design and maintenance (for content and look).

Once your site is up, make sure your URL is included on emails, in forum discussions and even comments on other people’s blogs.
The web enables you to mould your appearance to suit your needs. You may want to appear modern and funky or strong and reliable and professional. All these profiles can be projected by adjusting the graphics, animations, navigation and content of your site.

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For professional website design we offer the following services in styles:
Consultancy and friendly advice on all aspects of your web presence, Building custom websites, Web graphic design and styling
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